Balanced Man Program

The Balanced Man Program

In 1991, SigEp sent a shockwave through the fraternity world by passing Resolution 37. The resolution, passed by SigEp’s undergraduates and fraternity officials, called for a member development program that would “transform the pledging process… to emphasize achievement in the chapter, campus, and community.”

Focused on continual, holistic member development that promotes balanced living and combats destructive behavior, the Balanced Man Program is more than just a program — it’s the center of the SigEp experience.

The program is founded upon five philosophical tenets:

Equal rights and responsibilities: Full membership upon joining

Continuous Development: Growing throughout life

Accountability: Committing to SigEp’s high standards

Living the Ritual: Incorporating SigEp’s values into everyday life

Mentoring: Maximizing growth through guidance and support

…and takes the form of four self-paced challenges that span throughout the college career


Adjusting and acclimating
to the chapter,
and community


Growing and
developing as a
Balanced Man


Leading and
serving as
a Balanced Man

Brother Mentor

Preparing yourself
and your
chapter for the future

…focusing on six areas of development.


Knowledge and
understanding of
the Fraternity.

Sound Mind

Intellectual and
academic growth
and performance.

Sound Body

Physical health
and wellness.


Emotional and
cultural growth


Growth and
experience as a leader


Preparation for
career success